We headed up to do this route again and decided to tag on the Falls of Unich after we descended back down to Loch Lee. The weather was blisteringly hot with no wind so the climbs were a rather sweaty gruelling affair.  The tracks were so dry that the gravel had the consistency of sand and consequently this proved treacherous in places especially riding fast through corners. Rear wheel grip was compromised on the steeper parts of the climbs.    There has been recent activity where the estate has dumped tons of gravel on some of the rough doubletrack on the main descent, this is piled up in the middle of the track and sloped to either side. It seems they have either left it like this deliberately or yet to level it off, anyhoo it makes for a few nervous moments if you are traveling at a decent rate of knits.  As usual it’s a tough wee circuit for the mileage with the first climb being an absolute killer that I have never managed to get up in one go.   Don’t let the estate tracks and doubletrack fool you, this is a very rough route in places and will test your leg strength and technical ability.   We decided to add extra mileage by heading off the falls of Unich after we landed back down in the Glen and this proved to be worthwhile as it’s a great place for a cooling dip and a chill out before returning to the hamlet of Tarfside.  Grand wee day out in a smashing area.   I may have over egged the pudding by posting a comprehensive amount of photo’s but that’s what great weather and scenery does to me. 

Summary.    15 mile main route with an alternative 9 mile detour to the falls.   Hardness 5/5.  Technicality 3/5.  Scenery 4/5. 

Thanks for looking. 

Heading off

Killer climb up ahead

Eyes are drawn to the big gravel climb ahead.

The burn is low but slippy rocks may have you on yer ass.

The big climb

Arthur slogs his way up in the burning heat.

A brief decent before climbing again.

Rocky doubletrack climb

The Clegs gave chase on this part of the route.

High up on the Traverse.

A nice flat section. Near the top of the route.

Perfect tools for the job

Break time.

Looking over to Mount Keen and its outlier.

This used to be a rough rocky descent but now resembles Gullane sands.

Steep climb straight ahead

Low gear engaged as the trail heads up very steeply after this burn crossing.

Grouse nest

Nearly crapped myself when a Grouse flew up in front of me.

Starting the long descent

Slowly building up the speed on the descent

Looking over to Loch Lee.

Looking back up the ridge.

Loch Lee

Invermark Castle

Heading out to the falls of Unich from Invermark.

Loch Lee.

Loch Lee.

Mountain biking can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk

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