The POC Trabec is aimed at riders requiring an extra degree of protection whilst keeping weight down and promising good air flow through the specially designed vents.

The modern styling has a more rounded profile than the norm, and attention has been paid to the rear of the helmet especially. Aided by Aramid filaments combined with a moulded Polystyrene foam liner, the helmet extends further down the neck for ultimate protection, whilst a three piece shell construction boasts optimized sections that don’t have seams in the most vulnerable areas, and this in turn is bonded to a reinforced core. Basically, this means any impact on the shell is slowed down by the energy managing foam.

I used the helmet on a traditional thirty five mile cross country run, and put it through its paces on a demanding trail centre technical route to see how it compared.

First up, I had to go up a size from my normal helmet as the Trabec has a more rounded shape, but with a few strap adjustments and a tweek to the headband, I achieved a reasonably comfortable fit, but it did sit rather high on the head giving it a slightly awkward top heavy appearance. I was slightly concerned that my sunglasses wouldn’t fit behind the ears properly, but after trying several different pairs with various shaped legs, this was not an issue.

I found the helmet to be quite warm and it wasn’t long before I produced a good “sweat on” especially at the rear of the helmet, but tilting the helmet peak full upwards revealed two hidden front vents which helped with the airflow especially at speed or going downhill, but on long slow climbs the absorbent pads did a good job of wicking and retaining sweat, and stopping it from dripping on to my glasses, so a big plus there.

One thing I noticed compared to other helmets I have owned, is rather than merging in with your head and forgetting you were actually wearing one, was the fact that I was constantly aware of the sensation of it sitting on top of my head rather than my head being fully inside it, but it was impossible to lower it any, as the headband would contact the top of my ears, still, this extra height did produce a reasonable airflow across the top of my head.

I have no doubt the extra protection offered by the POC will be seen by many freeriders or trail centre regulars as the number one reason for buying it, but the jury is out if it will win favour with many of the cross country riders who value light weight and maximum ventilation above maximum protection.

Definitely worth considering if your riding is gravity based!

Swivelling peak

Blocky appearance


Reviewed by Raymond Clarke


The Trabec in-mold helmet for single track and enduro, is developed to provide the highest possible degree of protection without compromising functionality or performance. The construction is borrowed from how a skeleton is built for resistance and durability.

•The Aramid filament reinforced EPS core is tough and resilient and the outer PC shell is optimized with no seams at the most exposed areas.

•An aerodynamic channel system and 16 vent slots provides good ventilation, while the fit is designed to be around the head versus on top, which promises superior protection.

•Helmet bag and spare pads included.

Price: Up to £129.99

Mountain biking can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk

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