Amazing Borders Singletrack – Birkscairn Hill and Gypsy Glen

Welcome to one of the best natural MTB descents in Scotland. The trails ride across open rolling Scottish lowland hills, using historical drover’s roads to carry you through stunning Scottish scenery. This is best planned as a summer MTB adventure as the conditions can be savage at times. 

Fox Ranger MTB Pants (Trousers, Breeks) Review

If you are looking for a budget(ish) MTB trouser then these are worth considering. Some really good features however not without fault. Here is my review featuring a variety of trail and POV footage.

Pre-Lockdown at the tirckiest trails in Scotland? Aberfoyle!

Unfortunately rides like this are purely reserved for the post-lockdown bucket list… This needs to be on your list!!! Check this vlog shot from my perspective and from Jess Stone’s perspective. Amazing watching an enduro champion’s skills in action.

Glentress – Still fun in it's elder years!

This is a vlog that shows some of my favourite parts of the read and black routes at Glentress. It’s a pretty special place for me as it hosts the trails that got me back into riding in 2015. I’ve thrown in a wee off-piste trail for all the enduro-heads also! 

Cool Breeze Trail at Yair Forest… A must if you are at Yair!

This trail was built by Scott Kimber and Murf the dug. It’s a really interesting trail, unique in it’s build and also unique in some of the scenery that you encounter. In this video i’ve done a full POV run with breakdowns of the main features. I hope you enjoy it.