Benarty Dh trails in the snow and ice

see ya later 2020,   finals days of the year spent playing in the snow an ice up benarty hill trying not to maim my self any more than i already am.   15 min video

sloppy wet Laggan – and a new trail sampled

Riding at Laggan, usually invoves hitting both sides of the valley. The first 3 trails here are on the natural side, and the first of which is a brand new build.  Unfortunately the horrendous weather recently has not lent itself well to bedding in. so rather than stay on natural side rutting up the other trails there,  we hit the […]

15 min trail using stargate portals at pitmedden

if any of you have ridden Pitmedden in Fife you’ll know its got a wealth of techy riding….. and hardly any climbing…. lucky if the biggest climb is 5 mins…. …but the longest downhill is only about 1 min …….. but what if i told you i could get 15 mins of descending done for only 45 mins or climbing……… […]

3 venue road trip to the top off scotland

my mates 50th birthday saw us celebrating it with the northern Haggis’s  and riding”High Burnside” in Aviemore, then the trails at Dallas and a final day at the infamous “Mast” at inverness.    excuse my filthy language at the beginning  during my crash analysis of the belter i had 3 weeks ago thats resulted in a possible fracture/bruising of the […]

forgotten files of pitlochry

some remaining footage from a couple of weekends at pitlochry –  ridden trails are “Pakamakka”, “Riveria”, Conans DH”  and the last new section of “Totem” you’ll need to forgive my mate #offgridsteve for his NSFW LANGUAGE.  he is what he is ( im not much better to  be honest)

sunkeld = dunkeld = funkeld

aw man, its curveball central with the weather right now.  However,  yesterdays 9hr deluge allowed me get another edit done from  ride at Dunkeld a few weeks back..  bit o’ yapping, bit o’ riding lotsa shredding,  on 3 of the lesser known trails at Dunkeld, there’s plenty more hidden gems there though – enjoy with a coffee, this one 17 […]

Ben cathro's new lockdown trail at pitlochry

there been a lot of hype about Bens new track at Pitlochry, and not without reason – its blisteringly fast with lots of deadly blind leaps of faith.  but it truly is a a master piece. enjoy, its the 3rd  section in video.

revisit to old pastures on new bikes – Falkland bike park

It’s been about 7+ years since I last rode here, a place I rode every weekend for about a decade prior to that. riding it and remembering the lines was …….well like riding bike, you never forget.  What a buzz hitting memory lane hard and fast. Enjoy