revisit to old pastures on new bikes – Falkland bike park

It’s been about 7+ years since I last rode here, a place I rode every weekend for about a decade prior to that. riding it and remembering the lines was …….well like riding bike, you never forget.  What a buzz hitting memory lane hard and fast. Enjoy

In the time of your life, live…………………………….

24hrs before lockdown hit the uk, and we’ve all turned up en-masse to the little know ride venue of ballo. so much for social distancing.  we are all in lock down now so to head out further than the woods at the back of my house or ride dangerous thrill inducing trails would be just plain wrong. its a pandemic […]

covid lockdown induces depression – antidote=youtube riding vids

serious times guys and gals, whether you be a doomsday worrier or a conspiracy theorist or a flippant naysayer, one things for sure the global economy and your life will be inexorably linked and changed. Excuse my french , but dont be a selfish prick. Look around you, If someones in need then help them out. No matter how small […]

the cold harsh reaility of winter riding is snow joke

a cold and miserable ride at innerleithen in the snow and mud to some chilled out tunes from anatheama and pinkfloyd.  Cant promise rad riding, but a bit of talking, swearing, peeing and dislocating of shoulders you will find.

you MAST ride Avie , more

wee road trip up north, to ride a bit of high burnside in aviemore then THE MAST at inverness to sample its many delights before the weather broke…..and boy has the weather broken!!! .   usual script of trails to random music from my random library of music 

going for gold – but in need of help

HI folks at Trail scotland.  below is my petition to get finanicial help in getting me across the globe to race the full Enduro world series heres the deal.   its gonna cost about £12k to to the full series what with flights to new zealand and such like to help fund this i have set up two things : […]

King and queen of the hill race report

TWEEDLOVE “KING OF THE HILL” RACE REPORT and the normal scottish summer showed us what its made of, giving all who attended the race to show us what they are made of too. I arrived on saturday to what felt like a normal days riding with only a handful of people about, but with the famous Downhill virtuouso Danny Hart […]