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    I use leg warmers (Endura Thermolite) along with shorts (Endura MT500 mk2) in winter.  Plenty of leg warmers that are splash proof.  If it rains heavily I’ve got a cheap pair of basically plastic overtrousers to wear.  

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    I got an Elite supercrono from CRC with the blue tyre, adaptor for maxle and a riser block.  I just use my HR to train with.


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    if you have an actual issue that prevents you from using a normal bike they make sense.  If you are able bodied then you’re just being lazy.  However, if you want one buy one.

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    Conic hill is another “easy” hill to get up and down.

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    I’ve been looking at munros to do on the bike and Ben Vorlich is one on my list.  Planning to do Ben Lomand and the cobbler as well.

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    Dumyat is a popular choice


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    WG for the 4 and 5 black with the WGS for the session versions.  WGS and session is the same price as a black and WG gimbal.  The new 5 black is a bit too heavy for the WG gimbal…   Read more»

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    nothing wrong with a gimbal so long as you have the correct model for you action cam and you attach it properly.


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    @Gordy wrote:

    Well ive ended up ordering a Raceface sixc crank as it was a cracking price! Less than xt plus bb plus chainring and it comes with all! :green:

    link :shifty:

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    have a look for a fox van RC second hand – they should go for around 100-120 or a new RS cage for about 155 although you’d need a spring.

  • doesn’t matter about the tune of the shock as it will be getting redone for my son’s weight etc

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    I’ve got a mavic crosstrail set if you’re interested?

  • @AndyP wrote:@glasgowdan wrote: I’d have managed it, enjoyed it and probably crashed a lot! Its taking disturbed to a whole new level when crashing a lot is enjoyable. Regarding the rest of your point, the SES has no long term…   Read more»

  • @boardinbob wrote:@glasgowdan wrote: less competent people :wave: C’mon Dan, stop pussy footing around. Say what you mean; we’re all sh*t and you’re not. I love insight and critique from people that weren’t even there. Always the most valuable. how does…   Read more»

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    @boardinbob wrote: I eat organic whenever possible (Sainsbury’s has the best selection of organic stuff in my experience). Lots of debate on whether or not it’s better or worse. I’m no scientist, but as a really simple example, non-organic fruit…   Read more»

  • @druidh wrote:Isn’t there a problem in that most 3+ year old bikes will have straight steerers? my 6 year old ghost ASX plus has a tappered head tube – put a works components -1.5 headset on it and it made…   Read more»

  • got zee on my dartmoor hornet – lovely brakes

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    @nobeerinthefridge wrote:Madison addict is spot on budget wise, and gets great reviews too. Their kit is great now, nice enduro bright colours for the pictures :green: and they have a great warranty – any stitching or other stuff goes, as…   Read more»

  • I use uberbike inner and outers but bought them on their own rather than the pack as its cheaper and I already have all the bits and bobs to attach to the cables. I find them better than the standard…   Read more»

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