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    i agree vorlich, the potential for a fantastic fife trailcentre here is limitless… but having spoke to some of the forestry boys here, it just aint on the cards.   whats the trail that you say has a forwarder trench through…   Read more»

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    hey guys, was up at start of week and cleared the trees from several trails,  the real bitch was the redbrickroad descent trail.   got most of it done but the last bit was too much for my now blunt handsaw…….   Read more»

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    old boys don’t bounce!!!!!… ne’er a truer word spoken. am fast apporaching 40 and i’m acutely reminded of this when i stub a toe and it takes a few weeks to recover, compared to when i played rugby in my…   Read more»

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    just caught up on this last page, forgive me if i cover stuff already covered . i was the chairman and founder of Falkand bike park and have dealt with the issues surrounding access and liability and feature building. basically,…   Read more»

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    aw man!! 🙁 , could see this from my bedroom window,  a bit gutted to say the least as the dh tracks were fairly unique and had a ton of work put into them over the past few years. one…   Read more»

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    hi kirk,  yeah it was abit dodgy if you rode it at weekend, requiring a bit of commitment, which is not what i intended,  am not wanting to build a stunt here at all.  so i went  up yesterday and…   Read more»

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    just a quickie as i’m at work.   yesterday i went up the chocslide route and cleared any trees that were on traill (other than the big bastard at very bottom that gets lower every month…need a chain saw for that…   Read more»

  • Whilst not strictly pitmedden it’s close enough to count….. there’s a descent 3x as long as “river runs through it” on the castle law side. And a lot steeper

  • well this thread been awfully quiet.. couple of things- Thanks to the builders of all new trails at pitmedden over the past year. very much appreciated. DDleg, death corner, loamlover 2 ( which is named “roam rover” on strava) Gully…   Read more»

  • tis a bit late in the year after your intial post, but it caught my eye as i didn’t recognise the trail name….. quick strava check says its the trail also known as the riverside trail. its a releatively flat…   Read more»

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    if you are worried about the missus, don’t take her on the off piste stuff. my suggestion would be warm up on the orange, then do the upper red, if she copes with the first minute of the upper red…   Read more»

  • well you’ve laid a bit of a heavy gauntlet here now….. and a very bold claim …. hows about you put your head above the parapet and tell us what is the hardest trail you’ve ridden and cleaned 99.9% of….   Read more»

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    contact alan blyth on facebook, he’s giving up his place

  • It pains me to post this, but a good pal of mine had his orange 5 stolen at the “green welly stop ” up by crianlarich yesterday. it was a professional job – kryptonite armoured cable cut with croppers and…   Read more»

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    well that depends on your skillset and what kind of trails you like to ride and how much you like climbing….. and also if the moorland is in a quagmire. all these routes require you to enter from the golf…   Read more»

  • to andy P, you should go for it, its a pretty easy day out if you are just there for participation, think it was only about 17km all in. but because all 6 of the 9 stages involved climbing and…   Read more»

  • out of interest…see “choose your lines” theres a few fairly different lines from choc slide to the end marshy bit at very bottom. how far off the “line” can you go before strava thinks your doing something different. i ask…   Read more»

  • i’m to blame for a few newer segments recently as i use them for sprint training. bridgy sprinty boak……in order of occurance lol especially as its my exit route after a full on sprint sesh blindsided……. its pretty tight in…   Read more»

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    roddo is more than a keyboard warrior, maybe just feeling grumpy the now. he’s put in a lot of work, but so have lots of other people and like you say old “wise” coyote they don’t feel the need to…   Read more»

  • @ boardinbob….. yup thats a totally fair point, and even if past warranty the cost of a news set is ridiculously cheap. however not everyones got £90 to chuck on new brakes if past warranty or the time to wait…   Read more»

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