Glen Ample.

I remember Glen Ample being one of my first real mountain bike routes that I done years ago on an old rigid Kona Cinder cone with U brakes. I then proceeded to ride it loads of times over the years until it fell out of favour with me for around five years until I recently rode up Glen Ample on […]

The Ministers Path. Glen Prosen / Glen Clova.

One of my wee favourite routes in the Angus Glen’s and a less brutal alternative to the usual Capel Mounth, Broadcairn, or Dreish and Mayar routes.  We always start from the Airlie Monument car park and head steeply uphill through the woods to the tower. The trail thereafter is simply a case of following the long undulating ridge to the […]

Loch Bhac and Glen Banvie

Some pics from a group run from Gary Bridge taking in Loch Bhac, The Falls of Bruar and Glen Banvie.  Nice route for a nice day. This was the seventh time I have done this or variations of it but it was good to show other riders around some of the numerous Perthshire Trails. 

Borestane and Thieves road overnighter.

Some pics of an overnights bikepacking from Bathgate crossing the Western Pentlands ridge twice and taking in The Borestane, Carlops, West Linton, The Thieves Road, The Cauldstane Slap and Harperigg Reservoir. 

Edradynate / Beinn Eagagach loop

With plans being scuppered to ride the Wanlockhead Gold Rush route in the borders due to forecasted rain I checked the weather and parts of Perthshire and Fife seemed to be the dryest with just the slightest threat of a small shower but being cloudy and overcast at times. Sounded good to me so I informed the mates about the […]

Kirkton Glen

Kirkton Glen, one of my favorite wee places for a fun days riding with mates. Nothing too hard or technical but there are some tricky bits especially when wet.  I usually favour heading right up to Rob Roy’s putting stone for the old skool descent down to the start of Troll and then heading up again to ride the long […]