Kirkton Glen, one of my favorite wee places for a fun days riding with mates. Nothing too hard or technical but there are some tricky bits especially when wet.  I usually favour heading right up to Rob Roy’s putting stone for the old skool descent down to the start of Troll and then heading up again to ride the long section of Ogre. Lost trail, Hobo, Hippy and then Goblin before deciding whether to have another round or not. Hats off to the locals that built them as there are some nice touches and on more than one occasion I have repaired a few parts of the trail… so it’s nice to help out sometimes.

I’m not sure if it’s that popular as I’ve never seen any bikers there the times I have visited but maybe it’s too short or not gnarly enough to attract certain types of riders but certainly there is less peer pressure riding here than say.. The Golfie etc.

My ideal way of combining Kirkton Glen is to start at Balquhidder and head up Glen Ogle to pick up the old disused railway going through Glen Dochart and then head up to the col to descend Kirkton Glen, giving a nice loop with some added spice at the end.

Some pics from Autumn  / Winter.

Loch Voil

The cruise up the forest track.

Icy going

The descent from Rob Roys Putting Stone

In Summer the descent from Rob Roys Putting Stone is worth the push up

The descent from Rob Roys Putting Stone

Old skool descending


Balancing act on Ogre


The flowing trail of Hippy



Goblin. My personal favourite trail.


Hippy (Lower)


The wee Waterfall at the bottom of the trail.

Kirkton graveyard.

Standard Rob Roys grave / Church photo.

Mountain biking can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk

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