HI folks at Trail scotland.  below is my petition to get finanicial help in getting me across the globe to race the full Enduro world series

heres the deal.   its gonna cost about £12k to to the full series what with flights to new zealand and such like

to help fund this i have set up two things :

a gofundmepage :


and a super raffle.   for £40 a ticket, as many as you like, you stand the chance to win  prizes from a haul worth £7000.   

200 tickets

200 prizes

everyones a winner

tickets can only be bought via PAYPAL:  ssooksterr@hotmail.com 

top prize is a marin bikes, san quentin 2 worth £1150

second prize is a full custom carbon wheel build , with hope hubs  to suit your bike’s sizing from Sixth element. worth £997

3rd prize is a stans Baron/Flow combo 27.5″  boost wheel set worth £350

plus another 197 great prizes. clothes, tyres, jackets, bags ,armour, race entries, drivetrains, and other bike components.

full list available on my facebook page at the bottom of this post.

IMPORTANT – £1000 of the raffle proceeds will be donated to Peter lloyd, a young racer who last year paralysed himself from the neck down. Now unable to use anything other than his chin and voice to do anything, life has been brutally changed for him. the money donated will go towards an automated offroad wheelchair for him to experience the woods in his life once again.

if you buy a ticket  I will need your 




clothing size

preferred wheel size 

below is the transcript from my gofundme page for those that don’t know me.

At the age of 40, having raced mountain bikes for 25 years, its taken 20 of them for me to actually get any good at it. You could say I’m a slow learner.The advent of the “Enduro” niche of mountain biking 5 years ago  has meant my “jack-of-all-trades” skills has propelled me from being an “also ran” in the more established disciplines of MTB,  to a 3 x Scottish champion in enduro racing, and finishing in the top 5 in elite ,in Scotland, against professional salaried riders half my age .Working as a Firefighter i have the time to train hard. I have sponsors from Marin Bikes, Sixth Element, Flare Clothing and MSC Tires in the form of equipment. I’m not hard done by by any stretch of the imagination.However I have a dream that I alone cannot afford to meet. I will be racing in the ENDURO WORLD SERIES  in 2019 in the master’s age group. Despite saving for this for 4 years, I still don’t have the funds to get me across the globe to see if I can be a world champion in my own right. I believe I can , but it  certainly won’t be easy nor cheap.The series involves 8 races around the globe.New ZealandTasmaniaMadeiraItalyFranceCanadaCaliforniaSwitzerlandTo stand a chance I need to do all 8 races.  This is a dream, filled with hopes, desires, fears and a crazy  training plan. Mentally  I am there, physically i am there,  do i have the skills….. we’ll never know unless I actually conquer my fears and actually be there to prove it.any help you can give  from air miles, to accommodation, to finances would be incredibleinstagram – @marinmike78facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/mikEnduro

Mountain biking can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk

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