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@team womble wrote:

I had some blood taken today... against my will.
It was claimed by the freakin bushes with all their needles lining the Mast stage at Dunkeld. My arms and legs are sporting more perforations than a T bag!
At least I faired better than the local roady that hit a pothole and went over the bars, ouch.

I had a cold last week and my fitness felt level was well below par today. Just felt flat with little power.

But it was still a cracking day weather wise up here. Saw some folks at the top of the Mast stage that looked to be setting up a drone for filming. I headed down the stage sharpish as I didn't want caught on film showing how not to go down hill. 😆

Just returned from Dunkeld. We saw a guy on yellow mondraker bike.Was that you?

Posted : 27/02/2016 9:21 pm
team womble
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@Trauty wrote:

Just returned from Dunkeld. We saw a guy on yellow mondraker bike.Was that you?

No, it wasn't me, I haven't made the switch to full susser yet. Waiting a while to see if they catch on. :winker:

In the mean time I'm still rockin a wee Genesis hardtail. TBH I suspect I was somewhat underbiked riding that down the Mast stage. It ain't half rough these days with some seriously large rocks and rain washed out gullies just waiting to throw me over the bars or in to the Tay if I flew far enough. 😮

Riding stuff like that reminds me that I really should get round to being a blood donor so I have some spare! 😆
Thinking about it, is that not a way to get your blood tested to check it is basically ok? They won't accept blood with certain issues and the test may highlight any significant problem.

Posted : 27/02/2016 9:47 pm
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@boardinbob wrote:

I eat organic whenever possible (Sainsbury's has the best selection of organic stuff in my experience). Lots of debate on whether or not it's better or worse.

I'm no scientist, but as a really simple example, non-organic fruit could have been sprayed with Tiabendazole to stop mould forming. Tiabendazole is a known carcinogen. Multiple other examples of similar processes applied to non-organic fruit and veg.

So even before you consider nutrients, minerals etc, I'd prefer not to eat food that's been sprayed with toxic chemicals. pretty simple.

organic food is no better than non-organic food and has a higher level of enteric bacteria than non-organic food. The levels of any chemicals used on produce is significantly too small to make any difference to a human and tiabendazole only has suspected carcinogeic effects in stupidly high does that you would never actually be exposed too.

probably best to research these things before you sprout garbage.

Posted : 10/03/2016 6:51 pm
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