Winter Trousers

Winter Trousers  

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I'm not one for wearing shorts and use tracksuit bottoms most of the time.

Could do with a pair of proper mtb trousers this winter though. I don't mean waterproofs but something that's comfortable and maybe a bit water resistant. I don't want to splash out a fortune, maybe 50 quid or something. 

Any recommendations?

Posted : 25/08/2018 6:55 am
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Interested to hear folks opinions on this one.

Posted : 25/08/2018 11:06 am
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Winter trousers are thin on the ground and decent ones like the Ion softshell are £100.  Stretchy walking trousers like the Mountain equipment softshell are cheaper but can be cold using them for biking.  I use Berghaus fleece tights under baggies when it's really cold or Alpkit stretch tights when a little warmer.  I've not came across a decent mountain biking trouser yet. 

Posted : 26/08/2018 9:15 am
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I know it's not what you asked about but if I were you i'd seriously consider looking into buying a good quality pair of waterproof trousers, I put it off for years until last winter where I eventually bought a pair of Endura MT500 trousers, They cost more that I wanted to pay but they have more than made up for that. They are lightweight, well fitting and comfortable as they breath well, oh and they are pretty good at keeping you dry too 

Posted : 26/08/2018 3:39 pm
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I use leg warmers (Endura Thermolite) along with shorts (Endura MT500 mk2) in winter.  Plenty of leg warmers that are splash proof.  If it rains heavily I've got a cheap pair of basically plastic overtrousers to wear.  

Posted : 27/08/2018 7:24 pm

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