What happened to Du...

What happened to Dumyat?  

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Today I decided to ride Dumyat for the first time in a good couple of years. I used to ride this hill a lot back the day and it's always been a big favorite of mine. I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I parked my car at the bottom of the hill.... What have they done to the place?

Does anyone know why they have built the gravel path pretty much all the way up to the top and completely ruined the majority of the original trail? It's not like it was a hard hill to walk/cycle up in the first place, is it something to do with drainage or are they just making it easier for the tourists to go up and take a selfie next to the Wallace monument?

For me the hill has been completely ruined for mountain biking and has lost it's natural feel although the woods at the bottom did cheer me up a bit.  

Dumyat roller coaster....

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Posted : 27/07/2018 10:30 pm
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Wow what an absolute mess! I'm assuming there is still some natural trail next to the path?

Posted : 28/07/2018 12:30 pm
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Posted by: TrailScotland

Wow what an absolute mess! I'm assuming there is still some natural trail next to the path?

Some of it is still there but a lot of it has been ruined. Luckily the path that veers off to the left and goes into the woods hasn't been touched.

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Posted : 30/07/2018 2:22 pm

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