Handle Bar Upgrade

Handle Bar Upgrade  

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Hi All,

Really disliking the narrow handle bar on my Trance 4 2016. Im very broad at the shoulders and wide in the hands which is effecting grip and handling.

Looking on CRC for a wider HandleBar.

But struggling to find the size my current stem is.

Can i replace the handle bar only? i.e not the stem.

Can anyone tell me what Diameter of handle bar is required for a 2016 Giant Trance 4?

any recomendations for handle bars? been looking at the NukeProof Ones.

If i change Stem to. Can anyone tell me what diameter i need?

Posted : 26/11/2015 9:10 pm
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Edit. Found Stem Width.

Posted : 26/11/2015 9:20 pm
Estimable Member

Looks like you've already found the answer to your question, but... When people go for a wider bar, they often shorten their stem too. Wider bar places the hands further out, bringing your bodyweight forward (which can do more bad than good), so the shorter stem negates that by putting your upper body backwards again. It's not something that's necessary, but it's worth considering if you feel the wider bar is pulling you too far forward.

Posted : 26/11/2015 10:07 pm
The Silver Surfer
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I've had a nukeproof warhead on the bike for about a year now. As mentioned above I shortened the stem and took 20mm off the bars as it was too much of a stretch and it feels pretty good now. Reckon I'll try something else soon though.

Posted : 26/11/2015 10:53 pm
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50mm stem and a pair of 50mm rise spank spike race 800's = high and wide rules!

Posted : 27/11/2015 9:20 pm
Captain Mainwaring
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@Phil0271 wrote:

50mm stem and a pair of 50mm rise spank spike race 800's = high and wide rules!

Bloody hell Phil, 800mm and a 50mm stem. Are you an orangutan? 😀

I love my 750mm Havocs but they did take a bit of getting used to, and I dropped to a 35mm stem. TBF I am not the biggest bloke in the world, so horses for courses. Even with the 750's I find that some bits of singletrack through the woods are bit tight

Posted : 28/11/2015 7:37 am
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I'm just over 6ft and have long arms and find 750mm flat bars on a 35mm stem nice for my Hardtail and 785mm on a 35mm stem really confidence inspiring on the full-sus but at that width there are a few trails which are almost too tight for the bar width so I loose spped on those sections.

When upgrading also consider material and rise.

I love my carbon bars, takes some of the harshness out of the trail.

I've got Kinesis F750 flat bars on the hardtail and low rise Raceface SIXC on the bouncy bike. I like to keep the front low so it ensures my weight is transferred to the front wheel for traction in corners.

Posted : 28/11/2015 12:38 pm
Reputable Member

I've got an 800mm spank vibrocore (30mm rise) and a haven 55mm stem on my new darmoor hornet.

Posted : 03/12/2015 9:33 pm

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