bit the bullet and ...

bit the bullet and moved to 1x10 with expander  

Tanuki Trail
Estimable Member

Had some of this stuff since Xmas, due to illness and loosing fitness that me getting this stuff on the bike..

Old stuff off

New stuff going on

Superstar NW with SLX 10speed chain

XT cassette 11-36 with Superstar 40T expander, med deore with clutch derailleur

I spec 10speed SLX shifter, has cleaned the clutter on the bars, have shifted the reverb upside down over to the other side

A bit of fiddling but got the gears shifting smoothly, now just need to get out and see if the legs will cope lol

Posted : 06/09/2015 8:29 pm
Reputable Member

Made the exact same change in the close season past, and have to say that along with a dropper post, it's the best change I've made to any bike. Don't know what size front ring you've on, but my 32t gets me most places I'd have managed with the granny ring. Burma road into a headwind had me wishing for a 42t expander, but in the main it's spot on. I run a Zee short cage and haven't hardly had the need to use the clutch, and haven't dropped the chain yet. Great only thinking about one gear change anaw. Shame the weather has been so sh*te that I haven't got out as much as planned, but will remedy some of that this week.........

Posted : 07/09/2015 7:25 pm
Reputable Member

I'm waiting on the 1x11 XT coming from bike24 but having the xpander has been useful for some climbs

Posted : 16/09/2015 8:05 pm
Tanuki Trail
Estimable Member

Cause I had most of the stuff since Xmas then it had to go on the bike, but I would have bought the new shimano stuff if I had the choice..

Have been out a few times to test the bike, longest day was yesterday at GT, up to the mast, spooky a couple of times, Broon trout etc Managed the whole day and the climbing was manageable, no dropped chain and very silent which I love.. Not sure though on a longer day would be looking for that 42t cog, might get one soon

Posted : 21/09/2015 8:04 pm

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