Not been on Trailscotland for a very long time so I thought I might post a cracking but tough ride from Saturday. At last we were promised decent weather for a romp over Mayar and Dreish.  The reality was that it was overcast with a few bright spells with biting winds up on the tops.   However this was ideal for stopping us overheating as the climb up coire Fee is an unrelenting one.  One point of note is that the Kilbo path has eroded badly over the years and what was once a grassy track with ruts and the odd rock has become a deep trench filled with large boulders and loose rocks midway down the open section on the Shank of Drumfollow. This to me is totally unrideable but thankfully further on the rocks give way to peaty, lumpy grass before entering into the conifers. This section is technical but entirely doable. Just watch out for walkers coming up as i had to dive into a gully to avoid walkers on the high line i was riding. 

Coire Fee

The fireroad climb ends and Coire Fee beckons

Coire Fee

The bowl of Coire Fee

Coire Fee

Andy crossing Coire Fee

The end of the pedaling and the start of the hikey bikey up the headwall

Hikey bikey up the headwall

Andy and Arthur working hard


Pass walkers, walkers pass you, you pass them, they pass you.. Repeat.

Andy and Arthur give scale to the photo

Treadmill to the summit

The trail now heads straight up

Mayar. The last remaining snow patches

Just don't wear flat shoes for this.

The long climb to Mayar

The Munro summit of Mayer

Icy wind on the top

The boys on Mayar


Glen Doll from the top of the Shank

The start of the technical Kilbo path on the Shank of Drumfollow

The Kilbo path

The easy initial section of the Kilbo path

The Kilbo path

The path starts to get technical here and further on becomes unrideable. Don't listen to the peeps that say they cleaned it.

The Kilbo path

Going gets easier here on the entrance to the woods

Stepping stones

After an entertaining technical section littered with rocks, roots and gullies you have to cross the Slippery stepping stones

Trail flow

A welcome flow through the trees on the Kilbo path

The Kilbo path

Loads of lovely sections of trail unfold all the way down

Mountain biking can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk

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