My original plan was to head over the four Mounth Munros from GlenClova (Exluding Lochnagar) but as it turned out the strong winds on the ridges put paid to that so we settled on going over two instead.  Having done this route several times in the past, i thought it would be a good idea to reacquaint myself with Jocks road as several years have went by since i last came down it on a hardtail.     Its a great alternative to the Capel Mounth route and a lot tougher.

Heading up from Moulzie

Approaching the site of the bridge that was washed away a couple of years ago. Rebuild plans for later this year. Its best to stick to this side of the river as there is a ford at Moulzie or you can just bring crocs like we did.

Crossing the river just upstream from the site of the old bridge.

You will be doing well if you can pedal all the way to the bridge

The hikey bikey begins in earnest

The angle eases and you can now pedal up over the plateau to the pony hut

The haul up the lower slopes of Broadcairn

Broadcairn. Too windy to take many pics.

The windy descent from Broadcairn

Onwards to Cairn Bannoch in the distance.

The summit of Cairn Bannoch.  Lochnager in the background.

Descending from Cairn Bannoch.

The gentle rise to Fafernie.

Looking over to Crow Craigies and Glittering Skellies. (Great names)

Fafernie Descent.

The faint path up to Crow Craigies.

The grassy descent from Crow Craigies.

The difficulties begin on the approach to Davy’s Bourach

Jocks Road.

Davy’s Bourach. (Emergency shelter)

Jocks Road.

If you don’t like hard technical descents….stay away from Jocks Road.

Ok….I forgot my kneepads.

Time to twist the throttle back and get some speed up now the main difficulties are over.

The end of Jocks road and all that remains is a glide back to the car park and a pint in the Clova hotel to look forward to.

Mountain biking can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk

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