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Pitmedden Forest

Nearest Town – Auchtermuchty

Terrain – Singletrack, very rooty in places

Difficulty – Ideal for beginners and for expierenced riders.

Just a few miles from Perth this Forest is suitable for everyone –  from those just want to explore the wide open firetracks, of which there are many –  to those who want to try something a little more challenging on the mostly unmarked but plentiful singletrack trails that crisscross through the forest.

Start at the car park and cycle up the hill using the fire track. (the 2 narrower tracks at the point form a small loop, but don’t really go into the forest) There are some way marked forest walks, but otherwise the best thing to do in the forest is just explore any narrow tracks that head off the main fire tracks – there are plenty of them.

There are a few sections of trail specifically built for mountain bikers. To find these take the main fire track up from the car park nearest the road (after a few hundred yards you can see the end of the trail on your left) Carry on until you find the first major junction of fire track – take a left up here and keep going until you find the sign (top left of the page)

Further trails can be found by again starting at the car park head up the firetrack into the forest. Ignore the first turn to your left with a yellow way marker and carry straight on. After you see the signs for the off road driving centre (on your right) take the next left (there is usually a green gate across it) continue for about 0.5-1.0 miles. You will see, if you keep your eyes open a track coming down the hill with a rocky step from your right. Climb up this and then start the trail back the way you came, crossing the firetrack. This takes you down a wide section of trail with a muddy base. You will see a few wooden structures and you then hit another firetrack which you cross and follow the trail. it follows a circuit down the hill, then turns right and then climbs back up the hill. At the top turn right – if you continue straight on this brings you to the top of the purpose built downhill track mentioned above

You will also find that if you explore you can extend this by finding trails that come down the hill from your right just past the start of the DH trail

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