New cathkin braes trails

The new £940,000 investment in Cathkin Braes opened yesterday so it would be rude not to visit. The orange trail is not opened yet due to a health and safety concern.

The new trails consist of a stunning velo solutions pump track, a small skills area with various levels of difficulty, an orange graded jump trail along with a new blue and red trail.

There is also a new car park with toilets appearing soon.

The blue trail is called Doon the Clyde; The red trail is called Highland jig; the orange jump track is called Air space; While the climb is called Nae Bother.

The surface has a fine gravel sprayed over it making grip poor. Hopefully it will be washed away with more riding and the weather. The trails have already broke one collar bone and given someone a smashed face in less than 12 ho


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