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Mentieth Hills

Nearest Town – Callander

Terrain – Landrover Track

Difficulty – Easy, Ideal for beginners

West of Callander on the south shore of Loch Venachar are the Mentieth Hills, a pretty easy going loop with landrover/double track on the outward leg and real nice natural singletrack on the return, rideable about 99% of the way.
This could be done along with the Glen Finglas route just across the water to make a great day out and both are suitable for beginer mountainbikers.

Starting at the Invertrossachs estate car park ( W 04°16’43.22″ N 56°13’12.55″ ) head uphill following the landrover track, stay on this track until the small man made lochan comes into view, just before reaching the lochan take the track to the left heading uphill once more ( W 04°17’58.16″N 56°12’32.43″ ) follow this double track as it winds over the top of the hills and begins to run downhill, there are some gates to pass through on this section. Follow this track as it becomes a single lane tarmack road all the way down to the main A81 and turn right onto the main road.
A short distance along the road look out for the forestry commison sign on the right, take care crossing the road to rejoin the forest road (W 04°19’34.22″ N 56°10’38.96″ ) head uphill again a short distance looking for the forest road on the left, take this and continue until you reach a ‘ T ‘ junction, turn right and continue uphill. There is a singletrack section marked on the OS map which appears to miss out these forest roads but it no longer exists on the ground.
After a gentle climb up through the trees you will reach the start of the single track ( W 04°19’57.44″ N 56°11’11.72″ ) a great section of trail with a couple of small streams to cross, rocks mud and even some large slabs of rock to negotiate. Cross a couple of stiles and just keep going till you come back to the small lochan you reached earlier, the singletrack will pop you out onto forest road, turn right and head downhill a little way.
There is a sign for the “footpath” ( W 04°18’08.76″ N 56°12’31.99″ ) which takes you into the trees and along a great rooty section before heading out into the open and downhill, again there are some streams to cross as you make your way down to loch Venachar, the last section does get pretty steep and the long grass can hide some big ruts and holes. at the bottom of the hill turn right onto the single lane road heading past the Loch boating club and back to the carpark.

note: I did this route after a period of heavy rain, the singletrack was exceptionaly muddy, up to my hubs in places but still passable and rideable.

Submitted By TrailScotland member – Michael Morrison


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