Victoria bridge to glen etive via glen kinglass.

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    I am sure some riders will be familliar with this route, so i will only give it a brief description as the route is very straightforward.
    Either park at the bridge of orchy hotel car park or drive along the minor road to inveronnan and park just beyond in the large car park just before victoria bridge.
    Follow the tarmac road north and cross over the bridge…when you come to a junction, head west through the trees on a land rover track all the way to the glasgow mountaineering hut, and take a (not so obvious track on the left beside the river)… follow this twisty, turny, singletrack through the grass and peat until you come to the first bridge….cycle across the shallow river and keep going until you encounter a much larger and deeper river, which you can either use the stepping stones or try and pedal like mad to get through (never did it yet)

    Set for the off. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr

    Low water level makes for an easy crossing. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr
    Either way….you are now on doubletrack and the next obstacle is a boulder field with a small stream running through it, but you can cycle through this fairly easily.

    The route ahead after the first two river crossings. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr
    Keep going over numerous unulations and pass the old pony hut on your left.

    The only shelter for miles. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr
    The next section becomes a little bit tougher with short steep climbs until you come to the high point….then a rocky downhill blast will see you bottom out at a huge slabby section of the trail.

    The decent from the days high point. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr

    Coasting. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr

    After the rocky decent. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr
    Cross these slabs by any route that take your fancy until you come to a shoogly wire bridge… there are three options here, either cross it, ford the river on the r/h side of it, or head left down the river bank until you come to a more substantial bridge….either way you are spat onto a very rocky trail indeed.

    Lovely piece of trail. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr

    Grip aplenty today. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr
    This section of the trail climbs slightly on slabs before decending in a series of rocky turns and twists (this is a fantastic section)….and eventually it joins up at a man made cobbled section near a small bridge by a waterslide.

    Man made cobbled section. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr

    Lunch stop at the dried up waterslide. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr
    The track continues for another 400 metres until you join the main landrover track near the shooting lodge.

    The shooting lodge in glen kinglass. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr
    Now this is a simple case of following this track downhill for around six miles all the way to loch etive (which lies at sea level)…….Either retrace your wheel tracks, or head south on the estate track before picking up the quiet road through glen orchy and back to your starting point, but i personally like to go back the way i came, as the climbs are very managable…and a fast decent awaits from the days high point on the watershed.

    Lovely cobbled part of the trail. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr

    smooth slabs abound in this section. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr
    A classic trail this, and one which i have done in all seasons…..but one point to note, is that the rivers can rise quickly and become almost impassable at times…so check first.
    Thanks for looking at my post…..and enjoy it if you you have never did it before.
    Here is a couple of my photos taken in typical winter conditions.

    The big river crossing in winter. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr

    Yes, it can be very deep. by fadgadgetguy, on Flickr


    Awesome report. Will be doing this one at some point for sure.

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    Cheers johnny…..its a cracking route.


    I’m going to do it Weekend after Fortwilliam mtb event. Hope it’s nice that Weekend! But doing from Tyndrum to Taynuilt to oban. Awesome right up I know now what to expect kinda.

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    @ Scottishiain. After you reach loch etive, there is a lot of climbing still to do, as the track to taynuilt is a bit of a grueller as it undulates a lot. I hope you have good weather for it mate. :thumbup:


    How long does this ride take?


    @ limeshadow. In good dry conditions it will take between five and six hours to reach loch etive and back.

     coe pirate 

    done this today, loved it….. but it is not a great ride after heavy rain. hilly parts had turned into streams, and river crossing was a bit adventurous, saying that i will def do it again in the dry. happy days.


    @coe pirate wrote:

    done this today, loved it….. but it is not a great ride after heavy rain. hilly parts had turned into streams, and river crossing was a bit adventurous, saying that i will def do it again in the dry. happy days.

    Its great with a good firm covering of snow, so give it a go when you get these conditions.


    have seen some glorious pictures of this place and am desperate to go. think it is on the “must do” for next spring time :thumbup:


    This is now on the must do list for 2013


    i was thinking about this over the next week or so, river levels may be dodgy though 😕


    The first river can be cycled through even when relatively high, the next one you can use the stepping stones to cross, and the last river crossing has a choice of a narrow ( shoogly bridge) or a more substantial one further down.
    I have did this route a few times whilst the rivers were in spate and found it to be entirely possible. A change of socks is a good idea though.

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     coe pirate 

    this is a great ride, love it. last time i done it we started in tyndrum, whw to victoria bridge, then carried on through to taynuilt, then train back to start. 34 miles. just thought id put this in as an alternative.

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