Plans for Trailscotland??

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    I can’t help noticing how quiet this site has become and just wondering if the final nail has been hammered into the coffin. I was talking to a few Trailscotland members up at Dunkeld and they said that they hated the new website and gave up on it due to it not being user friendly and having to fill in Catchpa’s etc.</p>
    I personally think there are other reasons as well but I won’t go into that.

    Such a shame as this was a great website a few years ago, anyhoo it’s lost its appeal for me and quite a few others it seems, so whatever you get up to Jonny… I wish you well in the future and hopefully see some of you guys out on the trails sometime.

    Toodle pip.

     The Silver Surfer 

    Agreed, don’t know why it started to be so quiet, and the new website hasn’t made any difference. When I do visit there’s nothing going on.

    Not a pop at you Jonny, you’ve done your best.



    Hopeing things pick up soon, would not want to lose this, I hope everyone agrees.

    Heres a photo of Santa to keep you happy 🙂


    Hi Folks, not been very active on the site for a while due to other commitments so I apologise for not replying to this thread sooner.

    It’s sad to see the site so dead as it’s been a great resource for many people for the last 5 years or so. Obviously I would love to get some activity back on the site but I’m not entirely sure how it can be done. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

    Thanks for your input over the years Fadgadged, people will miss your awesome trail reports and photos. Hopefully you’ll not be gone for long 🙂


    Hi Jonny. Occasionally have a peek on here to see if it’s getting any better but sadly I don’t see any improvement so far. I’m really sorry it’s going this way and I wish i or somebody else had a brainwave to get it back to what it was but personally (Only my opinion mind) I now think the website is mostly to blame… It’s just not as user friendly or intuitive as it once was. Maybe you could concentrate on this to see if it could be revived. I would like to hear other people’s opinions on this and any other possible causes of the decline. I’m sure some folks don’t like the same people doing trail reports, blogs, and videos seeing it as possible attention seeking maybe and there is rarely anything that’s not been covered before IMO. Too many biking groups around now which people are flocking to join. Hell knows how the Singletrack forum is so popular… I hate it. Anyhoo I wish you luck in getting TS back where it belongs.


    I have just found my way back from being away for eons…LOL…


    Yep, me too. Lost the will to live when the website was ‘upgraded’, loads of problems and eventually just gave up. Agree with a lot of what Ray posted above, used to be on here all the time whilst on the nightshift. Great ideas for rides, and picked up a lot of good deals also. Jonny is right too, your write ups and pic’s were always very encouraging Ray. This was my only delve into MTB forums as well, so has been sadly missed.


    And me

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