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    Was up today for the first time in months. Surprised by how much the trees have grown!

    typical mudfest. Sad to see one of my favourite bits has been partially logged, and churned up by the machines. The jumpy trail now bisected by a deep trench.

    Just after the trench i’ve cleared a route down to the forest track.  It stays a bit higher up (and left of) the old trail. I might go back up and try to fill in a bit over the trench, if anyone can confirm operations have finished in this area.

    pity that some areas are pretty much abandoned these days. It’s a real shame as there is so much potential up there, with some investment and trail armouring, it could be a great resource for Fife.



    Just a quick heads up for anyone up blairadam. Going to be diverting some of the worst areas on the trails so can maybe have a chance to recover. Will only be short term and well marked so no surprises.

    Not sure if anyone is on here anymore but if anyone is interested in getting some trail days set up or even to get everyones ideas then can start to get the trails back to good running order.

    Got plenty of tools,rakes,spades,shovels,axes,bow saw and chainsaw for any major work, trailer fits on fatbike so easily moved around, just need more bodies to get the work done quicker.


    hey guys, was up at start of week and cleared the trees from several trails,  the real bitch was the redbrickroad descent trail.   got most of it done but the last bit was too much for my now blunt handsaw…. so i had planned to turn it into a jump, went up today to fix up a few bridges on the bridges n ditches trail and then up to the redbrickroad….. MASSIVE THANKYOU to who ever cleared the last tree.  i wasn’t keen on a jump so to find the trail now fully open was a godsend.  i have 1 more bridge to fix. its the third one in, on the bridgesNditches  trail.   i have plans to rasie it to ditch edge height, re-angle it (to an oblique angle rather than perpendicular to the ditch)  for smoother/faster entry and exit and make it pretty wide.  I won’t get to do this till maybe next week. but if theres any major objection to making it faster/easier then  let me know and I’ll just replace it as it stands the now


    i agree vorlich, the potential for a fantastic fife trailcentre here is limitless… but having spoke to some of the forestry boys here, it just aint on the cards.   whats the trail that you say has a forwarder trench through it. i was up on sunday and all the tracks i normally ride were fine….. and i thought i rode them all that day  apart from the one that drops down towards cleish by the waterfall…………. ah wait…. do you mean the bit that splits left  in the bottom half of the full chocslide run and went through the beautiful  broadleaf tree’d area and had a heap of jumps in it.  …crossed a road with a river gap in it and eventually joined the bottom of the choclside where the exit wodden ramp to swamp is……………….. if so yeah, thats proper goosed now


    Great work again Forkbrayker, wasnt sure if anyone was still looking to improve the existing trails up blairadam. No objections from me and a few others on your plans. Anything really to allow the trails to flow more is a big help.



    Hi folks. Some of you may have seen this already but there is now a new trail between tight & twisty and a bloody mud fest im sure its called. Anyway, the main point of this is to highlight tht the track is lined out so to speak but no berms etc have been built yet. Please be mindful of this if riding the trail and really 1 other point is a section of north shore that has not been completed may stop a full run at this time. Hope to get it finished asap. Any feedback on it also is great as plans are to start the trail further up.


    For the moment tho. Just going to keep it as a small section and hopefully it is ridden in good and solid for summer. Anyone looking to help can find us up blairadam every weekend. This section has taken 6 weeks or so with just 3 of

    Cheers. Hope the trail meets everyones ability once done and can then get onto next section or a new trail again.


    If this has worked then this is the north section i have mentioned above. If not,ul come across it no problem.



    Trail now has sum berms n rollers built but has been blocked off at this point to let them settle in. Northshore will be completed this weekend hopefully but may then block off the trail again so everything beds in nicely.

    Would be greatly appreciated to have some help as most on here seem to be happy to just ride and critic what has been built so far. If this can be built with just 3 people then the possibilites are endless for much of the forest is not used at the moment and can easily have an array of trails built if can gather some more help. Weekends are what suits most and we see many riders using the trails but only a select few stop to discuss what the plans are and show interest on what has been done. If can go out on sunday to ride then surely we can all arrange to meet up n get things at blairadam back to good running order with some new trail additions thrown in.


    Just a thought tho…

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