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Andrew Gannel Hill

Nearest Town – Tillicoultry

Distance – 8 miles

Terrain – Varied

Difficulty – Very Difficult, remote, some pushing of the bike up hills, narrow steep and uneven descents

Start at the car park in the woodland walk on the eastern edge of Alva.

from the car park there is a trail that leaves the other side of the road to your left (west) and climbs up and out of the woods. follow this trail until you leave the wooded area and come upon on steep land rover track heading northwards as it zigzags up the hill.  Follow the land rover track up the hill – when it splits take the right fork. When it forks again take the right fork.

In front of you is Ben Cleuch – you are aiming to pass over the Easterly shoulder of the hill. From the valley follow a narrow path (pushing your bike mostly here)

Once you are past the summit a track descends easterly towards Andrew Gannel Hill – follow this down into the valley and back to the summit of Andrew Gannel Hill

By now you will be wondering just why you bothered – sore legs and arms from pushing your bike up the best part of Ben Cleuch and then Andrew Gannel Hill, but the descent on which you are about to embark is worth it

From the summit head to the path on the far side of the valley marked on the map

The narrow path – very narrow – with a steep upside on your left and a steep fall away on your right – is just bike able as it descends ever steeply to Tillicoulty. Follow it all the way down Mill Glen to Tillicoultry. Onto the road and a mile or so brings you back to the car park along this road

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